Elementary (K-5th)

focused on Christ
In Our Formative Years

Lifeway Baptist Elementary School continues to keep Christ at the center of each student's academic journey. On this journey, our Elementary Students will discover a close-knit community, develop character, and strengthen biblical values you’ve begun instilling at home.

Students in our Elementary program learn these three core truths.

I Can Trust God No Matter What

I Need To Make The Wise Choice

Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated

252 Kids combines Child Development and theology to create a comprehensive children's curriculum and strategy.


At Lifeway, students are given personal attention daily as they master foundational skills, develop their problem solving and critical thinking abilities, and discover their God-given interests and talents. Our experienced educators go above and beyond to create an environment that is engaging and reinforces a positive attitude about school. And every lesson, project, and activity is designed to point students to Jesus. At LBS Elementary, Christian families have the peace of mind that what they are teaching their children is being reinforced at school, not torn down.

Kindergarten - 5th Core Curriculum:

Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade uses Abeka curriculum. Abeka is a Bible-based curriculum that weaves Biblical principles throughout every subject area. Scripture and biblical truths are embedded in lessons to emphasize or illustrate concepts.



In Kindergarten Science, students begin to learn the basics of health and safety, as well as learning about themselves and world around them.

In 1st-5th Science, we use Science Fusion which offers an integrative approach to S.T.E.M. instruction that features prominence of engineering and coding within students dynamic experience of the program.


In Kindergarden Language Arts, Abeka uses a phonic and phonemic approach, which is systematic, and thorough, not just sight reading, but with a solid foundation for exceptional reading and comprehension skills.


In 1st-5th Language Arts, students use - Texas myView Literacy, which provides a balanced approach to reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking through reading and writing. An additional resource we use is Spelling Connections which teaches students common spelling patterns - the letter and sound combinations that they need to know as they learn new words. We also use Handwriting Without Tears which is one of the foundational skills that leads students towards automatic word recognition.



In Kindergarten Math, Abeka helps students attain mastery of numbers through 100, counting and writing by 2's, 5's, and 10's, and learn addition facts through the 10 addition family.

In 1st-5th Math, we use Saxon Math which uses an incremental approach that gives students the time to understand and practice a small concept before adding the next step. We also use Texas Go Math to help students reinforce foundational math skills.

Social Studies

In Kindergarden Social Studies, students learn about community helpers in our community, the beginning of American history, and about children around the world.

In 1st- 5th Social Studies, we use My World Social Studies which helps learning come alive through storytelling, literacy instruction, and flexible resources.

WE offer a

variety of enrichment
classes & core classes

Students at an elementary level have access to Bible Class, Robotics, Language Arts, Math, Science , History, RANCH Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, Computer / Technology classes, and Library Time.

Featured Classes:

R.A.N.C.H Studies

We also love teaching our students the necessity of knowing about our farming and ranching community.

R A N C H 
Ranching, Agriculture, Nutrition, Cooking, and Horticulture.



In the ever evolving technology landscape, it's important that our students develop skills that can help them in the future. In this class students strategize, design, build, and use their hands to engineer robots to complete the task. These hands-on, minds on activities help students understand how science and technology are useful in their world and make connections to careers they may not have considered.


Music and Arts

The art curriculum in 1st through 5th grades offers students a variety of creative activities using different materials. Students can be found creating with clay, paint, 3-D elements, and more. Elementary students also enjoy a bi-weekly music class. The youngest students learn about composers, play instruments, clap on a steady beat, sing songs, and move to the music.


Physical Education

Physical agility, large motor development, sportsmanship, and teamwork are some of the foundational skill taught during our PE classes. Children learn to work together for a common goal through cooperative games, individual challenges, and physical strength.